Communing with an Archangel

Is Anthroposophy a religion? This question was the basis of a legal action initiated by the American Steiner-Waldorf critics PLANS, but after years of trying to work through the juridicial system, they were unsuccessful in getting a positive judgement on the matter.

More recently, former French Anthroposophist Grégoire Perra asserted that these schools are “the place for incarnating the spiritual forces who will save humanity! This institution is a place where Spirits (Angels, Archangels and superior entities) incarnate within a community. So, if you close down a Steiner-Waldorf school, you shut off the possibility for these superior beings to incarnate on Earth and to progressively save humanity.”

How can this not sound like a religious movement? But it also sounds quite ludicrous. Spirits and angels? Yet we have in our possession a letter which corroborates this.

The letter in question was sent to us the day before a “secret meeting” was held between us and two trustees of the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School: Sean Gribben (the Head Trustee) and Paddy Delaney. Paddy had organised it in an attempt resolve the situation between our family and the school, where the staff had chosen to suddenly expel our children instead of dealing with the traumatic unchecked bullying that was happening regularly in our eldest child’s class.

Incidentally, having been made aware of the full correspondence between us and the school, he told us after the meeting that “you and your family have been very badly treated. You are being blamed for everything that is wrong in the school rather than seen as the catalyst of change that is needed.” This had given us the impression that something positive would lead on from our discussion.

It wasn't to be.

Matters grew progressively worse and we suffered distressing and damaging vilification at the hands of the school community. We later learned that this is all too common with families who speak out about problems within Steiner education. We only got resolution three and a half years later with the help of mediation through the Human Rights Commission.

But before that landmark settlement, before Paddy’s frank yet impotent statement, and before that covert meeting, Archangel Uriel spoke to us through Paddy’s wife, and on the 4th of July 2009, revealed to us the higher beings’ plans for the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School (the extract’s spelling is verbatim)…

“Good day Dear Ones

We have been asked by the higher Realms to step in & try & resolve this situation which is getting totally out of hand. Before I begin I would like to introduce myself, I'm Archangel Uriel & I Come in peace & light & love.

As we see no one can win in this situation as it is fear based. Personal fears for you the parents as to: A) the safety of your children, B) The acceptance of your children back into this community,C) The fact that you feel you do not have a voice to being heard D) The feeling that you are not in a control position.

For the school the fears being that they A) Will lose control of the running of the school & being told by parents the way it should be run B) Losing sight of there belief system & the way they deal with these kinds of situations. And if I may add there ways are for the higher good of all. These beliefs are spirit lead & are important for the victimised as well as those victimising, because in God's eyes these are all children of God & need to be held in love & light & guided into HIS light. If this belief was used more in your society there would be less friction & hatred on your planet!

Whichever side of the street you are standing on, ignoring the present situation is not going to make it go away until everyone is standing in a positive light lead space with complete openness, transparency & love.

This school has been targeted by spirit to help change the way children are been taught & we will NOT sit back & watch you all destroy the higher plan that the Angels of the seventh Realm are working with, time for change for the next generation is too short & each & everyone of these children is part of the light plan, as are you all light workers if you can put your concerns, fears & ego based thoughts, & desires to one side. Allow us to guide you, there is so much good & light you can bring to your world if you just sit quietly & listen.

I leave you now with these thoughts, sit in the stillness & quiet & reflect on what we are saying to you. Open your hearts to the endless possibilities that can help you all to achieve so much more than at present. Know that I am with you & will help you if asked.

Love, light & peace to you all.”

At the time, we hadn’t grasped how this message offered us a window into the Steiner schools’ true purpose - to “save humanity” with guidance from Angels of the Seventh Realm.

How many are fully aware of this pedagogy's covert agenda? If Anthroposophy isn't a religion, as we are continually assured it isn't, why are Steiner-Waldorf schools apparently guided and influenced by angels and otherworldly spirits?

Is it any wonder then that Grégoire’s revealing statement could be seen as utterly preposterous? And in order to prevent parents from interfering with puzzling and distressing parts of this "light plan", such as daily and vicious unchecked bullying, that’s probably exactly how Archangel Uriel wants you to think…

The image of Archangel Uriel was taken from Beliefnet.

1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner

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