This project is researching video evidence.  All this writing is to explain why, what, when and how.  Writing will reduce on this site as video material is posted.

We will only post video material that constitutes evidence, not merely the expression of opinions.

If someone wishes to post video material documenting a Steiner school working with positive democratic models of behaviour, actively promoting a democratic school life, empowering parents to advocate for their children when necessary, seeking transparency and accountability and actively rejecting any part of the antique pedagogy that could reasonably be said to promote sexist, racist or disabling ideology - that is evidence.

On the other side of the coin, video evidence of negative behaviour within Steiner communities, of families and children being targeted, rejected, abused or ostracised, if they are provided, will be posted with full details of the school and individuals indulging in such behaviours, to act as a warning to other unsuspecting families whose children may otherwise be put at risk.

Even if evidence is submitted for posting, if the individual or institution will not engage with us to answer further questions about the origins and context of the footage, we cannot post it.

Nothing will be posted as evidence if we are not confident that people would not be prepared to say the same thing in a court of law.

The Steinermentary Project is therefore a self-generating document examining the state of the Waldorf Educational Movement through hard evidence.


1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner

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