"Ethical Individualism" - the Anthroposophists' Alibi  [25-Jan-15]

In this article, Grégoire Perra explores the concept of "ethical individualism", how Rudolf Steiner came up with such a notion, and what it actually means, by delving into the founder of Anthroposophy’s inner conflicts. [more]

Masks, Misrepresentations and Manipulations Within Steiner-Waldorf Schools and Anthroposophy  [30-Nov-14]

Former French Anthroposophist Grégoire Perra’s latest article explores why an Anthroposophical institution, particularly a Steiner-Waldorf school, feels the need to lie and deceive. [more]

An almost imperceptible manipulation and indoctrination  [19-Sep-12]

The following is the unabridged translation of Grégoire Perra’s excellent and highly revealing article, “Une emprise et un endoctrinement presque indétectables”. [more]

Grégoire Perra  [30-Aug-12]

Grégoire Perra is the author of an article that’s making a lot of noise in France: The Indoctrination of Students to Anthroposophy in Steiner Waldorf Schools. In it, he demonstrates how this supposed innovative pedagogy is in reality a way of subliminally conditioning the students of those schools to anthroposophy. [more]

The Anthroposophical Indoctrination of Students in Steiner-Waldorf Schools

Roger Rawlings of Waldorf Watch is translating the 44-page testimony Grégoire Perra handed to the UNADFI - Union Nationale des Associations de Défense des Familles et de l’Individu Victimes de Sectes [more]
1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner


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