Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School

The following videos show children being put at risk by Steiner/Waldorf education.

The first video shows a family being evicted and trespassed from the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School for asking the school to provide the "safe, peaceful, and natural learning haven" that it advertises.  It happened in New Zealand, but we know that the targeting and expulsion of families also happens elsewhere.  Now other people who have evidence like this can send it here and it will be uploaded for all the world to see.

This school was able to take this action because, as a New Zealand private school, it is almost totally unregulated.  We researched the loopholes in the law that allowed this to happen for a year and a half.


All but two Steiner Schools in New Zealand are “integrated”, that is they were private schools who are now integrated with the state system, so they swap some autonomy for a lot of tax-payers’ money.  They are allowed to keep their “Special Character” as long as they teach the National Curriculum.  The definition of that special character eventually rests with its Manager.  This model, which has been operating in New Zealand for over 25 years, is not dissimilar to the “Free School” model that has just been adopted in the UK. 

The second video shows what happened to Mark Thornton, the Manager of that school, after he took this action towards this family, whose three children were aged eight, six and two at the time.

The only justification this man has ever given for what he did is that he can basically do whatever he likes. 

The comment of another school in New Zealand is shown in the context of the power and influence that this individual now holds in the New Zealand Steiner Federation, representing all New Zealand Steiner Schools.  All the schools were made aware of the actions of this individual, and none of them have seen a problem.

The third video shows some of the testimony of other parents at the same school regarding the bullying.  The interviews are reconstructed using actors. Why are we showing dramatic reconstructions rather than the real people?  Well because people are unwilling to identify themselves, and given the above footage of how the school is prepared to treat families who ask for a safe environment for their children, that is hardly surprising.

All videos on this page are also available below in QuickTime format:

The fourth video shows the first batch of posters going up in the centre of Auckland...

You can read more about what happened at the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School by

visiting this site.

1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner

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