On Saturday, 12th March 2011, the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School held the first of two days in Auckland which were advertised thus:

‘Living in Auckland’ – Searching The Heavens, Treading The Earth, will provide the opportunity on two separate days for anyone to find out more and experience all that ‘lives’ in the City of Sails out of the indications of Rudolf Steiner.

On the same day, the Steinermentary Launch poster was put up in West Auckland.  This seemed fair, since it’s very unlikely that the school would have been helping people “find out more” about the fact that the school is still not free of the problem of having expelled a family who had cause to complain of bullying, a responsibility they have tried to avoid for nearly two years.

The posters stayed up for a while, until on the 18th, something prompted someone to rip one of them down.

It was replaced the following morning, but within an hour, all three posters had been destroyed as you can see from the last picture.


“out of the indications of Rudolf Steiner”.....

what goes up, must apparently come down...

and if it goes back up.....

then it must all come back down!

One of the things that “‘lives’ in the City of Sails out of the indications of Rudolf Steiner” therefore, is manifestly an absolute refusal to allow others to speak out, combined with a willingness to commit criminal damage to try and prevent it!

In Ellerslie, home of the other Steiner School in Auckland, Michael Park, the posters didn’t even last that long, as they were ripped down the day they were first put up.

1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner

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