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When people don’t like the questions you’re asking, some will attempt to stop you from being heard. We’ve encountered this numerous times since starting this site, but never is it clearer than when a question is being asked extremely publicly.

We experienced this resistance four years ago, when people tore down posters which were closest to the two Steiner schools in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite receiving many positive comments about our updated version, the reaction on the street was even stronger this time round, and vandalised posters were seen throughout the city.

Adherents of Steiner-Waldorf evidently don’t like questions being asked about this supposedly kinder, gentler, and holistic alternative education system.

This didn’t dissuade supporters from arranging to have copies displayed in Wellington, New Zealand, and photos of them can be found in the Gallery below.

But there’s no reason to limit this poster’s reach because of a language barrier, so we’ve had it translated into French, to reflect Grégoire Perra’s revelations, German, for obvious reasons, Swedish, as they’ve been state-funded there for decades, and Russian, since Vladimir Putin himself said in 2010 that Steiner schools were “schools for the future” (we just hope this won’t spur him to start collating a secret dossier on us!).

We’ve also included one substituting “Steiner” for “Waldorf” for our American cousins (and other places where the term “Waldorf” is more prevalent).

Please feel free to download any version and pass it around. If you wish to have it displayed somewhere, make sure you get permission from the people responsible for that location first. When you do, please email us a photo of it, and tell us in which city it was shown.

Also, please let us know should you wish, and are able, to translate it into other languages.

The Steinermentary Project has always been about spurring debate regarding concerns which very many parents share about Steiner-Waldorf education worldwide. We’ve attempted to do address those concerns through the novel use of video, but speaking out, even through reconstructed interviews, proved too challenging to too many people.

Perhaps that’s not surprising, when dealing with what so many consider to be a deceitful cult.

The offer to host or help with video is still very much open of course, and, however it occurs, these issues need to be raised and highlighted. If this site can help just one family avoid being “collateral damage”, then it’ll have been worth it.

Education should be all about encouraging people to ask questions, shouldn’t it?


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Larger versions are available on request.


Wellington, New Zealand




Auckland, New Zealand







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