Steiner Waldorf - Educating with (Feigned) Ignorance   [10-Mar-17]

Rick Salsa, the president of Canada’s Kelowna Waldorf School's Board of Trustees, finally spoke to news outlet “Castanet” after publication of an article in February describing how a third of students had left his school. [more]

The Myth of the Top of the Tree - Evolving Along Hierarchical Races  [23-Aug-15]

Steiner-Waldorf schools have come under a lot of pressure due to their founder’s alleged racial views, so much in fact that Steiner-affiliated organisations have had to publicly distance themselves from some of his writings. [more]

Collateral Damage  [1-Jul-15]

In 2015, ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association) chose as their focus the subject of “Children in High Control Groups” for their conference in Sweden. The obvious relevance to Steiner education, together with a request to anonymise the organisation involved, led Angel to create the image of “Collateral Damage”. [more]

The Karmic Burden of Vaccination  [2-Jun-15]

As parents increasingly opt out of inoculating their children, childhood diseases like measles and whooping cough are making a determined comeback. Online and in the media, heated discussions occur as people express their views on the matter, and what to do about it. The situation is such that governments are now considering steps to stem this tide. [more]

Waldorf and the Media - Why Steiner-Waldorf Schools Aren’t in Favour of Technology  [21-May-15]

Steiner-Waldorf schools, with their emphasis on outdoor play, wooden toys, hands-on learning and storytelling, seem to harken back to a simpler, more gentle, perhaps more human world, one which the rest of us appear to have left behind as we embrace our engulfing digital revolution. [more]

Spreading the Word  [30-Mar-15]

When people don’t like the questions you’re asking, some will attempt to stop you from being heard. We’ve encountered this numerous times since starting this site, but never is it clearer than when a question is being asked extremely publicly. [more]

Four Years On  [27-Feb-15]

It's four years since The Steinermentary Project was launched on the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s birth. 

Our own direct experience of Steiner education, as it was happening, had seemed like an isolated and isolating event: the actions of a "rogue" Steiner school. It was only when Steiner critics found our online account of what had happened that they vigorously impressed upon us that this acceptance of collateral damage to children and families was a well known characteristic of Steiner. [more]

Calling Time at the Celestial Watering Hole  [25-Dec-14]

Archangel Uriel's message did have us puzzled back when we received it, so we immediately sent it to Matt, a dear friend of ours, who knows his way around occult matters, and he promptly came back with a thorough analysis.  [more]

Communing With an Archangel  [21-Dec-14]

Is Anthroposophy a religion? This question was the basis of a legal action initiated by the American Steiner-Waldorf critics PLANS, but after years of trying to work through the juridicial system, they were unsuccessful in getting a positive judgement on the matter.  [more]

A Sudden Longstanding Concern - BBC Newsnight Report on Steiner, Racism and Unchecked Bullying  [2-Aug-14]

To mark the release of the previously withheld Department for Education (DfE) memos concerning Steiner schools and their approval into the free school initiative, the BBC's Newsnight did a report about what was contained within them.  [more]

Genuine Change or Lip Service - The Ministry of Education's Te Ra Waldorf School Report  [31-Jul-14]

The Ministry of Education's "Final report of investigation into a complaint against Te Ra School" makes for fascinating reading for those who wish to know what lies under the curriculum of Steiner/Waldorf schools. Its author, Helena Barwick, spoke to many people to get as clear a picture as possible of what was going on beneath the otherwise lovely school environment, and focused specifically on the issues of racism, and the community's reaction to people who raise concerns. [more]

A Duty of Care - An Open Letter to the British Humanist Association  [16-Jul-14]

There's something missing from the BHA's recent briefing about the state funding of Steiner schools, and we hope that they will respond to this letter by “engaging in debate rationally, intelligently and with attention to evidence”, something they strive to embody. [more]

The BHA’s Selective Approach to Steiner Criticism  [2-Jul-14]

The British Humanist Association's (BHA) recent information victory on Steiner/Waldorf education is very good news. Making sure parents have accurate information when choosing education surely cannot be faulted.  [more]

Frailties and Limitations - Bullying, Karma and Parental Involvement  [23-Jun-14]

We interviewed Rebecca Coleman, author of “The Kingdom of Childhood”, a fictional tale which takes place within the confines of a Waldorf school, and discussed her family’s experience at the Steiner school she sent her son to, bullying, karma, and laying the blame on parents.  [more]

Whistleblowing in Education: Mr Gove’s State-Funded Anthroposophy  [27-Apr-12]

As Brits prepare to shell out their meagre resources on Steiner free-schools, why isn't Mr Gove asking the difficult questions?  [more]

Anti-Bullying Week 2011 [14-Nov-11]
In 2009 our three children were expelled from a Steiner School because the school didn't want to address the bullying and assault taking place in a class of 17 boys and 5 girls.  [more]

“Out of the indications of Rudolf Steiner”  [12-Mar-11]

Speaking out in a very public and visible way about Steiner education had a unexpected outcome... [more]

The Poster  [27-Feb-11]

The poster we had produced and placed around various cities across New Zealand to open the debate about this alternative education system: “Is Steiner Education Putting Children At Risk ? [more]
1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner

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