On 27th February 2011, to mark the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s birth, The Steinermentary Project was launched.  The project is a worldwide piece of documentary research examining raw evidence of the best and the worst of Steiner education.

After 92 years of continuous practise, an educational system might be expected to have reached maturity, but this movement continues to be dogged by a legacy of damaging behaviour towards children and families.

These facts should be leading people, and especially Governments to ask intelligent questions.

But perhaps they do not want to risk being labelled “anti-Steiner” which appears to be what happens when you do ask intelligent questions.

An education movement that doesn’t encourage questions?

We do not know how many pieces of video evidence will be posted on this site. That depends on others.

But as more Governments dismantle their educational systems, allowing small enclaves enough autonomy to become little Dynasties then people should know what the lack of accountability might cost them.

The Steiner Movement’s traditional get-out is the “not a good fit” kiss-off. And they feel very got at by people who “weren’t a good fit” passing on information that contradicts that idea.  Heaven forbid that people should make known the abusive treatment they received - even when public funding is imminent.

Families who will not submit to bullying risk being targeted, and ostracised from the community. This is a phenomenon that can be found again and again in accounts on the internet.

It might not be the first thing that you think of, but in reality by the time you realise that you are being lined up for the chop in this way, you really have nothing left to lose by outing that school and its practises to avoid damage to other children and families down the line.  In the end, it could be as simple as reaching into your pocket and pulling out your camera-phone to record what is unfolding in front of you.

If people were to start using actual video footage, it might be possible to stop schools from ritually banishing families and then using the cleansing of that event in the “community” to further condition people.

If you can provide video evidence of such behaviours, please consider making a contribution to The Steinermentary Project. 

Perhaps it can only really be the testimony of ordinary people which can educate people about the unhealthy facets of the ‘fastest growing alternative education movement in the world”.

People who dare to warn others of such dangers are even threatened on the internet and in other ways, and always painted as ‘anti-Steiner’.

The disrupting of forum threads offering information about anomalies in the  movement, is a common tactic to make the problem go away.  

All negative feedback is used to create an impression of an innocent movement under attack by ignorant and envious detractors.

This double-speak is a typical example of why the movement is growing so fast, because people have absolutely no idea what’s really going on. 

Yet the sad truth is that the only people who have ever bothered to ‘persecute’ the Steiner movement are those whose children suffered harm from it, or who suffered that harm themselves.

When you put that knowledge together with the fact that the Swedish Federation are alleged to have actually paid a well-known Steiner-bot to pose as a mum on Mumsnet in order to rubbish the claims of such people, people whose own ghastly experience has driven them to try and warn others, the extent of the cover-up starts to reveal itself.

Because if they’ve had to employ somebody to police these discussions that just shows how many casualties of this “humane” movement there must be out there!

The Steinermentary Project exists to receive and post the evidence if others will put themselves out to acquire it.


1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner

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