St. Christopher School
- 10th of December 2015 - The Results Of Steiner’s Curative Education

Aberdeen Waldorf School
- 28th of May 2014 - School Closure Amid Bullying Complaints

Norwich Initiative Steiner School

        - 19th of April 2013 - Threatened Family Leaves Norwich Steiner School

        - 7th of September 2012 - The Problem with Confidentiality Clauses

        - In the media:     - The Daily Mail

                                    - The Telegraph

        - 21s of July 2011 - School’s Response to the Decision

        - 13th of July 2011 - Sawfoot vs Norwich Initiative Steiner School

       - 7th of July 2009 -  Letter from the Trustees


As Brits prepare to shell out their meagre resources on Steiner free-schools, why isn't Mr Gove asking the difficult questions?  [more]

1861-2011 : 150 years of Rudolf Steiner

United Kingdom

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