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“Many thanks for setting up a very helpful website. The site helps people like me feel we are not alone when faced with the terrible stuff that Steiner (mis-)management does.”

“Well done for your tireless focus on all of this!  It really is a case of sometimes the truth is too obvious to behold.”

“You have both exposed many areas of questionable behavior within a worldwide organization, and as such can be proud of your achievements.”

“You have done an amazing job. I always refer people to your site when the subject rears its head.”

“You have done an excellent job at tackling the well-hidden subject.”

"We just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic, informative website."

"Your work is wonderful!”

“Thank you for your site and for having the courage to speak out.”

“I want to write and thank you. As parents we have been attracted to the steiner system as an alternative to our local school but continue to hear of dreadful violence and bullying. We were considering enrolling our children tomorrow. Your site is the nail in the coffin of that would-be enrolment.”

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You Say Karma, We Say Avoidable Harm  [8-Oct-17]

20 years ago today, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd was interviewed in The Telegraph: “We Don’t Need No Steiner Education”.

Even though the piece was only about substandard teaching prejudicing the learning of his children, with minor reference to the “rigidity” of the curriculum, he got a lot of flack for speaking out, and was thereafter unwilling to “stick his head above the parapet”, according to anecdotal reports. [more]

Steiner Waldorf - Educating with (Feigned) Ignorance


Rick Salsa, the president of Canada’s Kelowna Waldorf School's Board of Trustees, finally spoke to news outlet “Castanet” after publication of an article in February describing how a third of students had left his school. [more]

Fundamentalism Shrouded in Friendliness - Kelowna Waldorf School   [19-Feb-17]

Canada’s Kelowna Waldorf School made the news recently when Nicholas Johansen, writing for Castanet, reported a mass exodus of families who left the school following the firing of the principal, resignation of the majority of its board of trustees, and several teachers quitting.  [more]

Starkillers and Ahriman - How a Steiner Think Tank Rewrote Star Wars  [17-Jan-16]
Star Wars is an epic story which took the cinema world by storm, has endured, and gathered an unbelievable following. It's a modern day fairy tale, whose strength and influence keeps on growing, just like the myths and legends of old which have survived for millennia.  [more]

The Blurring of Boundaries - Toronto Waldorf Academy


The Toronto Star reported that “a Toronto man has been charged in connection with the 2008 sexual assault of a teenage girl he allegedly tutored.” This man appears to have been a teacher at the Toronto Waldorf Academy, as that school swiftly “removed a staff biography for a man named Ryan McCombe from their website. The private school also removed a video of man of that name at a 2014 school barbecue from their Facebook page.”


Blaming Child’s Expulsion on Mother’s Behaviour - Waldorf School of Princeton  [22-Dec-15]

A Steiner Waldorf school in New Jersey, USA, has lost a discrimination suit, and has had to pay US$58,000 for, as the Princeton Patch puts it, “unlawfully expelling a special needs student due to the student mother's advocacy.”


The Results Of Steiner’s Curative Education - St. Christopher School  [10-Dec-15]

The St. Christopher School in Bristol, whose “approach is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s educational principles and his Curative Education theory”, is to close in March 2016, due to financial problems and amid complaints of children in their charge being bullied by staff members. [more]

The Myth of the Top of the Tree - Evolving Along Hierarchical Races  [23-Aug-15]

Steiner-Waldorf schools have come under a lot of pressure due to their founder’s alleged racial views, so much in fact that Steiner-affiliated organisations have had to publicly distance themselves from some of his writings. [more]

Collateral Damage  [1-Jul-15]

In 2015, ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association) chose as their focus the subject of “Children in High Control Groups” for their conference in Sweden. The obvious relevance to Steiner education, together with a request to anonymise the organisation involved, led Angel to create the image of “Collateral Damage”. [more]

The Karmic Burden of Vaccination  [2-Jun-15]

As parents increasingly opt out of inoculating their children, childhood diseases like measles and whooping cough are making a determined comeback. Online and in the media, heated discussions occur as people express their views on the matter, and what to do about it. The situation is such that governments are now considering steps to stem this tide. [more]

Waldorf and the Media - The Lure and Appeal of a Low-Tech Steiner-Waldorf Education  [21-May-15]

Steiner-Waldorf schools, with their emphasis on outdoor play, wooden toys, hands-on learning and storytelling, seem to harken back to a simpler, more gentle, perhaps more human world, one which the rest of us appear to have left behind as we embrace our engulfing digital revolution.  [more]

Spreading the Word  [30-Mar-15]

When people don’t like the questions you’re asking, some will attempt to stop you from being heard. We’ve encountered this numerous times since starting this site, but never is it clearer than when a question is being asked extremely publicly. [more]

Four Years On  [27-Feb-15]

It's four years since The Steinermentary Project was launched on the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s birth. 

Our own direct experience of Steiner education, as it was happening, had seemed like an isolated and isolating event: the actions of a "rogue" Steiner school. It was only when Steiner critics found our online account of what had happened that they vigorously impressed upon us that this acceptance of collateral damage to children and families was a well known characteristic of Steiner. [more]

"Ethical Individualism" - the Anthroposophists' Alibi  [25-Jan-15]

In this article, Grégoire Perra explores the concept of "ethical individualism", how Rudolf Steiner came up with such a notion, and what it actually means, by delving into the founder of Anthroposophy’s inner conflicts. [more]

Witch-Hunts & Excommunications - How Steiner-Waldorf Communities Sever Ties


Steiner-Waldorf schools appear to go to great lengths to make it look as if anyone leaving did so of their own accord, and it's only after having exhausted all other avenues that they formally "ask them to leave".  [more]

Calling Time at the Celestial Watering Hole  [25-Dec-14]

Archangel Uriel's message did have us puzzled back when we received it, so we immediately sent it to Matt, a dear friend of ours, who knows his way around occult matters, and he promptly came back with a thorough analysis.  [more]

Communing With an Archangel  [21-Dec-14]

Is Anthroposophy a religion? This question was the basis of a legal action initiated by the American Steiner-Waldorf critics PLANS, but after years of trying to work through the juridicial system, they were unsuccessful in getting a positive judgement on the matter.  [more]

Masks, Misrepresentations and Manipulations Within Steiner-Waldorf Schools and Anthroposophy  [30-Nov-14]

Former French Anthroposophist Grégoire Perra’s latest article explores why an Anthroposophical institution, particularly a Steiner-Waldorf school, feels the need to lie and deceive. [more]

The Problem Child - Dealing with Dyslexia - Ecole Rudolf Steiner de Lausanne  [8-Nov-14]

Many people have heard that being alternative, and focusing on creative activities, Steiner/Waldorf schools can be seen as a haven for children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, yet this ideal flies in the face of Sophie’s experience...  [more]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Steiner Education  [20-Sep-14]

Steiner-Waldorf schools have a reputation for offering a kinder, gentler alternative education, where the “whole child” is taken into account in beautiful surroundings, and where communities “live through deeds of love and let others live with tolerance for their unique intentions” (Rudolf Steiner). Readers of this site will know that there’s another side to this coin. [more]

An Unreserved Apology - With Reservations - Michael Park Steiner School [8-Aug-14]

New Zealand has always been a useful country to examine how Steiner schools might behave when they've been state-funded for some time. They've been gradually integrating into the state system since the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act of 1975, to the point where there are now very few private Steiner Schools left.  [more]

Misogyny - Steiner’s Antidote to Accountability  [5-Aug-14]

A 1997 study by Golden (“Narrative - The use of story in Waldorf education”) concerning narrative and gender mentioned in the 2005 Woods Report, suggested that “the stories used throughout the Steiner curriculum are embedded "within patriarchy"”, that “the male, and male hierarchy, appear as the norm in stories”, and also that “on the basis of interviews with children, stories are interpreted in ways that reinforce gender stereotypes”. [more]

A Sudden Longstanding Concern - BBC Newsnight Report on Steiner, Racism and Unchecked Bullying  [2-Aug-14]

To mark the release of the previously withheld Department for Education (DfE) memos concerning Steiner schools and their approval into the free school initiative, the BBC's Newsnight did a report about what was contained within them. [more]

Genuine Change or Lip Service - The Ministry of Education's Te Ra Waldorf School Report  [31-Jul-14]

The Ministry of Education's "Final report of investigation into a complaint against Te Ra School" makes for fascinating reading for those who wish to know what lies under the curriculum of Steiner/Waldorf schools. Its author, Helena Barwick, spoke to many people to get as clear a picture as possible of what was going on beneath the otherwise lovely school environment, and focused specifically on the issues of racism, and the community's reaction to people who raise concerns. [more]

Vilifying Parents - Te Ra Waldorf School [26-Jul-14]

Events at the Te Ra Waldorf School in New Zealand have made headlines recently, and centre around the revelations of racist underpinnings within the Waldorf/Steiner pedagogy.  [more]

A Failure to Act - Sexual Abuse in Green Meadow Waldorf School  [19-Jul-14]

In July 2013, novelist Kate Christensen published “Blue Plate Special”, her autobiography in which she describes how she had been sexually abused by a Waldorf teacher she referred to as “Tomcat”. Staff of Green Meadow Waldorf School identified Tomcat as John Alexandra... [more]

A Duty of Care - An Open Letter to the British Humanist Association  [16-Jul-14]

There's something missing from the BHA's recent briefing about the state funding of Steiner schools, and we hope that they will respond to this letter by “engaging in debate rationally, intelligently and with attention to evidence”, something they strive to embody. [more]

Joe Evans, of the Bristol Steiner Free School, on Pseudoscience, Vaccination, and Unchecked Bullying  [6-Jul-14]
We interviewed Joe Evans, business manager of the Bristol Steiner Free School, on the 1st of April 2014. We're publishing an excerpt in response to contradictions between public and private statements by the British Humanist Association about Steiner education, and their concerns.  [more]

The BHA’s Selective Approach to Steiner Criticism  [2-Jul-14]

The British Humanist Association's (BHA) recent information victory on Steiner/Waldorf education is very good news. Making sure parents have accurate information when choosing education surely cannot be faulted.  [more]

Frailties and Limitations - Bullying, Karma and Parental Involvement  [23-Jun-14]

We interviewed Rebecca Coleman, author of “The Kingdom of Childhood”, a fictional tale which takes place within the confines of a Waldorf school, and discussed her family’s experience at the Steiner school she sent her son to, bullying, karma, and laying the blame on parents.  [more]

School Closure Amid Bullying Complaints  [28-May-14]

The Aberdeen Waldorf School, which has been established since 1978, is due to close this summer, after a series of complaints have been made to the Care Inspectorate.  [more]

Steiner School Accused of Being a Violent Cult  [24-May-14]
The Rudolf Steiner Schule Aargau in Switzerland, is facing potential legal action from a parent, deeply concerned with the way this school handles matters of discipline.  [more]

Testimonials from the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School  [1-Jun-13]

We’ve gathered on our other site, Titirangi Steiner Messenger, eleven testimonials from families who had enrolled their children at the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School, stretching back to its inception in the 80s, to the present day, showing that the school’s shocking attitude to bullying is deeply rooted in its culture.  [more]

Threatened Family Leaves Norwich Steiner School  [19-Apr-13]
This information was taken from the Norwich Alternative Education website and describes through an email the father sent, what happened to his family and his child. You’ll wonder if any lessons had been learned from the Jo Sawfoot case.  [more]

Deleted Archive  [20-Jan-13]
Steiner Critic Alicia Hamberg has written a post announcing her intention to delete some older posts from her blog. Some of these relate to us and our situation with the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School, from a time when her and other critics were sympathetic to our experience.  [more]

Human Rights Mediation with the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School [13-Jan-13]
We have now completed our Human Rights initiative regarding unchecked bullying in the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School.  The result shows that not only did the school fail to follow its own behaviour policy and expelled bullied children, but that they’ve spent the last three and a half years trying to cover that up.

Getting this result wasn’t easy and resulted in a lot of backlash, smearing, and hatred. Here are some of the sneering angry attacks that we’ve sustained during this process.  [more]

An Almost Imperceptible Manipulation and Indoctrination  [19-Sep-12]
The following is the unabridged translation of Grégoire Perra’s excellent and highly revealing article, “Une emprise et un endoctrinement presque indétectables”.  [more]

Jo Sawfoot vs Norfolk Initiative Steiner School - Confidentiality Clause  [8-Sep-12]
We were contacted by the administrator of the Norfolk Initiative Steiner School, in April 2011, requesting that we publish her rebuttal of elements of the court judgement. She had also been to numerous other websites offering her own version of the events.  [more]

Grégoire Perra and the Fédération des Ecoles Steiner-Waldorf de France  [30-Aug-12]
Grégoire Perra is the author of an article that’s making a lot of noise in France: The Indoctrination of Students to Anthroposophy in Steiner Waldorf Schools. In it, he demonstrates how this supposed innovative pedagogy is in reality a way of subliminally conditioning the students of those schools to anthroposophy.  [more]

Speculative Judgement  [30-Jun-12]
Several months after the initial mobbing that prompted us to write the open letter to the Steiner ‘critics’, we can provide the following insight into why they have turned on a family reporting exactly the same kind of negative and damaging experiences which appear so frequently online.  [more]

Whistleblowing in Education: Mr Gove’s State-Funded Anthroposophy  [27-Apr-12]

As Brits prepare to shell out their meagre resources on Steiner free-schools, why isn't Mr Gove asking the difficult questions?  [more]

Steiner School Agrees to Mediate with Human Rights  [14-Mar-12]
We’ve just updated our “Titirangi Steiner Messenger” site:  “We heard back a week ago from the offices of the Director of the Human Rights Tribunal with the news that the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School have finally agreed to attend mediation with us.  To our knowledge this is the first time ever that a Steiner/Waldorf school has mediated with Human Rights.”  [more]

Criticism on a Plate [18-Feb-12]
Alicia Hamberg’s posting ‘Change’ which she wrote having banned us from her blog, in fury, has now surfaced on an obviously pro-Steiner website. Not only that, but the site’s entry links directly to her extremely agressive pronouncement about us, our children and our experience with the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School.  [more]

Anti-Bullying Week 2011 [14-Nov-11]
In 2009 our three children were expelled from a Steiner School because the school didn't want to address the bullying and assault taking place in a class of 17 boys and 5 girls.  [more]

Initial responses to our Open Letter [10-Nov-11]
We posted our open letter three weeks ago and have been waiting for responses from the Steiner Critic community to see if they approved or not of the actions of some people, done apparently in their name. Although they haven’t replied to us personally, we did find mention of the letter’s existence on the web, namely from Alicia Hamberg (pictured), Diana Winters and the elusive “Thetis Mercurio”. [more]

New Zealand satirical political show, Beehave, talks about Steiner Schools  [16-Oct-11]
Beehave’s focus is often on Education, but never until now on Steiner schools. However, recent rumblings about New Zealand’s ill-received “National Standards” have brought up an interesting development, spearheaded by the Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools in New Zealand, and represented with humour by the NZ Education Minister “Anne Tolley”.  [more]

Luciferocious Behaviour: An open letter to the Steiner critics [12-Oct-11]

This letter to Steiner critics seeks answers to the following questions:

1. Do the critics generally approve of the aggressive behaviour of some critics towards people who’ve had negative experiences of the Steiner movement but whose methods may not be understood?

2. Do these people who apparently see themselves as gatekeepers of Steiner criticism actually represent the views of all critics? [more]

The Jo Sawfoot vs Norfolk Initiative Steiner School tribunal papers [9-Sep-11]
This staff member tried to flag up a problem with the way her pre-school child had been subject to physical restraint by a fellow teacher. She formally complained and demanded an investigation. She lost her job and she was brave enough to take the school to court. The judge ruled that she had made a public interest disclosure and that her allegations as a worker had not been properly investigated and had been misrepresented to another authority. Jo Sawfoot resigned. The judge further ruled that due to the school's breach of mutual trust and confidence it placed Ms.Sawfoot in a position whereby she could not reasonably be expected to continue in her employment. We have received various documents about her case, from the letter sent to parents when she resigned, to the actual tribunal papers and the school’s response to the judgement. [more]

David Mollet talks about his experiences at the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School [28-Aug-11]
This person has had a volatile experience with Steiner Education to the point that neither those in favour of this system or those against it have much good to say about him, yet he suffered greatly at the hands of the Christchurch Steiner School, something which has taken him over twenty-five years to gather the strength to talk about. [more]

“Out of the indications of Rudolf Steiner”  [12-Mar-11]

Speaking out in a very public and visible way about Steiner education had an unexpected outcome... [more]

The Poster  [27-Feb-11]

The poster we had produced and placed around various cities across New Zealand to open the debate about this alternative education system: “Is Steiner Education Putting Children At Risk ? [more]

Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School  [25-Feb-11]

The first video shows a family being evicted and trespassed from the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School for asking the school to provide the "safe, peaceful, and natural learning haven" that it advertises.  [more]

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